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Get a taste for LEPH2021 by joining the Four Nations Webinar Series next week


The LEPH conference series has so far been held in Australia, Europe and the UK. Tune in to learn more in the lead up to LEPH2021 convened by our partners in Philadelphia.

Public Health Approaches in Policing and Serious Violence Across the UK: The Learning So Far

Following the launch of the National Police/Health Consensus supported by the College of Policing Public Health principles, development of the Violence Reduction Units, and numerous discussion papers, there is a national policing and public health appetite for sharing practice, information, innovation and ideas.

The appetite is equally applicable across the four nations of England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland, and this series of interactive webinars will provide a platform for sharing learning, inspire and equip practitioners and raising awareness of how whole system public health approaches support proactive preventative approaches to policing.

With some 15 individual webinars over the week, the series will have a strong focus on learning from practice that is currently being tried, tested, and delivered across the four nations.

Key areas  to be covered include:
  • An introduction to public health approaches – What is it and how will it benefit my working practice?
  • Crisis response utilising public health approaches
  • Whole system public health approaches
  • Early intervention and prevention
  • Trauma informed practice
Key note speakers include:
  • Policing Minister Kit Malthouse – Public Health Approaches in Policing
  • Christina Marriott Chief Executive Officer at Royal Society for Public Health – The role of Police & Public Health
  • Sir Harry Burns Professor of Global Public Health at University of Stathclyde – Trauma Informed approaches
  • Mark Bellis & Jonathan Passmore of the World Health Organisation – Worldwide research on ACE’s
  • Professor Peter Neyroud Cambridge University – International Learning for Policing from the COVID Crisis


For more information and to register click here.

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