Across the broadest range of issues that connect public health to public safety, the LEPH 2021 conference aims to: 

  • Foster tangible collaborations between the sectors of law enforcement, public health and communities 
  • Ensure that law enforcement and public health missions are driven by the needs, values and concerns of the people they serve 
  • Redistribute responsibilities across systems in furtherance of community safety and wellbeing 
  • Bring lens focused on racial, ethnic, socioeconomic and gender equity to both public health and law enforcement systems

These build on previous Law Enforcement and Public Health Conferences held in 2012, 2014, 2016, 2018 and 2019 that worked to:

  • Enhance local, national and international political and institutional leadership
  • Understand, develop and sustain partnerships
  • Translate research to policy to practice
  • Promote the critical role of education and training
  • Develop a multidisciplinary research agenda and methodology
  • Build and promote ongoing interactions between interested people through the GLEPH Association  

Global Law Enforcement & Public Health Association Inc.

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