LEPH2021 has been extended for the full week of 22 – 26 March 2021 due to the very large number of abstracts and session proposals.


Link to the LEPH2021 program summary here OR Link to the draft LEPH2021 detailed program here


  • This is a DRAFT program and may be subject to changes to speakers and times.
  • Additional sessions will be progressively added to the program.
  • Some speakers, their affiliations and presentation titles may still need to be confirmed.
  • The order of speakers in a session may need to be changed.
  • The term ‘Moderator’ is used generically to include chairpeople, facilitators and those conducting various workshop sessions.
  • Abbreviations:
    • Times shown as ‘EST’ are for Eastern Standard Time in the USA.
    • ‘MoI’ are Marketplace of Ideas sessions
    • ‘TBA’ = to be advised.
  • The LEPH2021 Program Committee reserves the right to make any changes.
  • Speakers and panelists must register for LEPH2021

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