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Sarah DeLucca, M.A., PhD student, Department of Criminal Justice, College of Liberal Arts, Temple University

Rory O’Hara, MSW Student, School of Social Work, College of Public Health, Temple University

The virtual platform for the 6th International Law Enforcement and Public Health Conference 2021 (LEPH2021) means that the conference is more accessible for students than ever before.

Students from all backgrounds are encouraged to participate and engage with other researchers, scholars and practitioners from around the world. By learning from different world perspectives for improving community safety and well-being, students can learn how to better interrogate and understand challenges and opportunities, especially focusing on advancing racial, ethnic, gender, socioeconomic and equity.

As a student, being part of the conversation at LEPH2021 is crucial to enhance our critical thinking abilities while gaining insights from other disciplines and helping you to engage with peers and colleagues in the emerging field of LEPH.

The LEPH conference series fosters tangible collaborations between law enforcement, public health and communities. It needs your involvement to ensure these collaborations include the unique perspective that is brought by students. Now, it is more important than ever, to bring diverse and unheard voices of students to such an important and constructive conversation.

The involvement of students across all ages and experiences will contribute to building a global and diverse network while making lifelong connections with practitioners to collaborate with in the future.

Without you, there would be no input from the next generation of leaders, scholars and practitioners, because we are the voices and leaders of tomorrow.

Check if you are eligible for a registration through your university here. You can also become a member of the Global Law Enforcement and Public Health Association.

Sarah and Rory.

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