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Identity, Service and Co- Designing a Better Experience in Law Enforcement and Public Health

This session is currently scheduled for Mol15 (Day 3, Wednesday 24th March at 5:00 PM – 6:30 PM EST)

Session description:

It has been said that if you take acute care out of medicine and emergency response out of policing, a police officer and a doctor have far more in common than they have differences.   That of course leads to the question of what any given police officer or doctor might have to say about that statement and the institutional norms and myths  about the service each performs and the identity this has created,  which in turn may act as intended or unintended barriers to integrated practice with each other.

In this highly interactive session our panelists drawn from the ranks of policing, medicine, academia and industry will discuss this challenge and the opportunity that lies in rethinking everyone’s role and the basis for success in that role as fundamentally based on co-designing a better experience for the people that these disciplines (and others) collectively serve and by extension the service providers.


  • Professor Natalya Alonso, University of Calgary Business School;
  • Amanda Hoover, Durham Regional Police Service, Ontario, Canada;
  • April Starr, Senior Manager, Experience Research, Chief Technology Office, Motorola Solutions;

Natalya Alonso

Natalya Alonso is an Assistant Professor in Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources at the Haskayne School of Business. She earned her BComm from Queen’s University and her PhD from the University of British Columbia. Her research focuses on how employees attempt to shape the way their social groups and identities are perceived at work. By considering the organizational contexts and individual behaviors that inform these evaluations, Natalya’s research provides a dynamic perspective on workplace (dis)advantage. Her research has been published in leading outlets including the Journal of Applied Psychology and Harvard Business Review. Recently, she has been particularly interested in exploring these questions in traditionally male-dominated industries such as policing, construction, and high technology.

Danielle Dowdy


In her role, Danielle serves as an Advisor to the Board on matters related to policy analysis and development, as well as stakeholder relations. Through her work, Danielle is responsible for deepening the Board’s engagement with the communities it is accountable to. 

Danielle is a business professional with extensive experience in the areas of strategic planning, community development and youth employment. Passionate about community service, she has spent over 20 years working across communities. Prior to joining the Toronto Police Services Board’s professional staff, she worked at the Toronto Police Service for 13 years in many roles, all centred on working with communities on innovative programs. Her proudest accomplishment has been architecting the Youth in Policing Initiative and building a model that has been replicated across the province in over 22 police services in Ontario. Danielle recently served as Senior Strategic Initiatives Lead to the Honourable Justice Michael Tulloch on the Independent Police Oversight Review and the Independent Street Checks Review.

April Starr

April Starr leads the Experience Research & Strategy team at Motorola Solutions. Her team works to understand the complex needs of first responders in mission critical situations. April is passionate about the impact design can have in mitigating high stress situations. 

April has 20+ years of human-centered innovation experience as a leader and practitioner on both the research and design sides. She has worked across a wide range of industries including consumer electronics, automotive, telecommunications, financial services, retail, industrial products, consumer packaged goods, education, and healthcare. 

April teaches Service Design at Illinois Institute of Technology’s Institute of Design. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Industrial Design from Carnegie Mellon University and a Master of Design degree from Illinois Institute of Technology’s Institute of Design.

Amanda Hoover



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