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The first International LEPH Conference, in 2012, was a small affair. Growth in activity and interest in the field of the multiple intersections of law enforcement and public health since then has been prodigious – we are now welcoming you to the 6th International LEPH Conference, the first in the U.S. (though circumstances have forced us online), and I am doing so on behalf of the Global LEPH Association (GLEPHA), which has grown out of the conferences.

GLEPHA is becoming active across all regions of the world, and is developing Special Interest Groups focusing on the law enforcement role in achieving public health goals in a myriad of issues. This regional and topical breadth will be reflected in the conference program, and in the satellite and pre-conference activities organized by the SIGs.

The field of law enforcement by its nature brings in conflict; but GLEPHA works to achieve a safe space for those from all sectors committed to achieving effective and inclusive partnership approaches to complex health and security issues. This is what we strive to provide, and what we hope you will find, at the 6th International Conference on Law Enforcement and Public Health.

See you there, virtually.


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