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The President-Elect has committed to advancing racial equity through policing reforms. Racial and ethnic disparities in accessing and involvement with the criminal justice system will be addressed at the LEPH2021 conference.


The Biden-Harris administration will work with Congress to pass police reform legislation including:

  • A nationwide ban on chokeholds
  • Stopping the transfer of weapons of war to police forces
  • Improving oversight and accountability, to create a model use of force standard
  • Creating a national police oversight commission

We can and must reduce the number of people incarcerated in this country while also reducing crime. Our criminal justice system cannot be just unless we root out the racial, gender, and income-based disparities in the system. The system must be focused on redemption and rehabilitation. The Biden-Harris administration will take bold action to reduce our prison population, create a more just society, and make our communities safer, by:

  • Preventing crime and providing opportunities for all
  • Eliminating racial disparities and ensuring fair sentences.
  • Offering second chances
  • Reducing violence in our communities and supporting survivors of violence

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