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This presentation is currently scheduled for M16 (Day 1, Monday 22 March at 4:00 PM – 4:50 PM EST)

 Diane Goldstein is a 21-year veteran of law enforcement who served as the first female lieutenant for the Redondo Beach (CA, USA) Police Department.

In 2021, Goldstein became the Executive Director of the Law Enforcement Action Partnership, a group of criminal justice professionals that work advancing justice and public safety solutions. She is a guest columnist for many media organizations, and recognized as a subject matter expert on criminal justice and drug policy. She holds a MA in criminology, law, and society and a BA in legal studies.

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 Presentation Abstract:

A failure to consider the impact of policing on public health has frequently been a missing link between law enforcement and drug policy. Yet responsible, compassionate policing has the potential not only to improve public health, but to help heal the damaged relationship between police and the public in the wake of ongoing  flashpoints of violence and structural racism. Strategic Reforms can provide a legal and political mechanism that reduces the harms of the carceral system.  Responsible, compassionate policing means the inclusion of  harm reduction principles and public health strategies that results in ensuring that law enforcement and public health missions are driven by the needs, values and concerns of the people they serve.




Diane Goldstein, Law Enforcement Action Partnership (USA)


Brendan Cox, LEAD National Bureau (USA)

Brandon del Pozo, Global Law Enforcement and Public Health Association (USA)

Mike Serr, Abbotsford Police Department (Canada)

Suzanne Sharkey (UK)


About LEAP
The Law Enforcement Action Partnership is a US-based nonprofit group of police, judges, prosecutors, corrections officials, and federal agents who use their expertise to promote evidence-based public safety solutions. LEAP’s 270+ representatives advance policies and programs that end the War on Drugs, reduce society’s reliance on incarceration, and heal police-community relations. LEAP provides a balanced perspective to the traditional “tough on crime” law enforcement narrative by sending pro-reform law enforcement professionals to legislatures and events and by speaking to the media about the most pressing issues at the intersection of community safety and public health. What began in 2002 as a drug policy reform group has grown into a comprehensive voice of criminal justice reform with hundreds of law enforcement speakers and tens of thousands of supporters — both law enforcement and beyond. LEAP is a driver of more compassionate, ethical policing and a platform for the profession’s future. Since LEAP’s founding in 2002, it has collaborated with hundreds of organizations to educate the public and influence lawmakers to support access to naloxone, syringe access programs, diversion programs, overdose prevention centers, and safe and regulated access to marijuana, police accountability and transparency measures, restorative justice, appropriate uses of police resources, and dozens of prison reforms that reduce the prison population while reducing crime.
LEAP is a GLEPHA institutional member.

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