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Breakthrough Experiences in Virtual Community Engagement, CSWB Learning and Systemic Reform across British Columbia

This session is currently scheduled for Mol 9 (Day 2, Tuesday 23 March at 3:00 PM – 3:50 PM EST)


Presentation description

The presentation will combine brief pre-recorded video panel discussions among the key presenters and their invited guests, using screen captures from MS Teams, with additional prepared multi-media resources that will describe the COVID drivers, the local drivers, and the innovation drivers that have led to the development and roll-out of the curriculum suite.

These materials will also provide real-time updates on the experience to date across several and diverse BC communities, spanning dense multicultural urban, rural-remote and First Nations environments.

Following the prepared presentation, the four principals from Global Network will engage in a virtual Q/A session with LEPH2021 delegates. Topics will include the challenges of adaptation to virtual methods, the new opportunities deriving from virtual engagement and multi-mode learning solutions, and the potential and early keys to success for broader application of similar methods in a post-COVID world.



Norm Taylor, Global Network for Community Safety Canada Inc.


Brandy Gabourie

Brent Kalinowski

Lisa Taylor

[with additional selected British Columbia participants to be determined closer to the conference dates]


Norman E. Taylor

President, Global Network for Community Safety

Program Director, CACP Executive Global Studies

Editor-in-Chief, Journal of CSWB

Principal, Honorary Inspector, Ontario Provincial Police

Norm Taylor has been an independent advisor, educator, author and researcher for 40 years, concentrating his practice in the field of policing and public safety for the past 25 years. Between 2008-17, he spent much of his professional life in Saskatchewan as a Senior Advisor to the Deputy Ministry of Justice: Corrections and Policing. His 2009 Future of Policing report to that Ministry set the stage for the whole-of-government approach to crime reduction, and he and his advisory team have been widely recognized as co-founders and architects of the high-profile Community Mobilization Prince Albert model. Norm also served for two years as a Lead Advisor to the Ontario Working Group, and through 2014-17 he served often as a Special Advisor to Ontario’s Deputy Minister of Community Safety, assisting with the formulation and initial roll-out of the Strategy for a Safer Ontario, enacted into provincial law in spring 2018.

In 2014, Norm co-founded the Global Network for Community Safety and he and his Global Network partners continue to support jurisdictions across North America in the adoption of multi-sector solutions and social innovation strategies. Norm and his team have been instrumental in transforming public service and supporting the advancement of community safety and well-being (CSWB) concepts across Canada and into the USA.

Since 2002, Norm has served as co-founder and Program Director of the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police (CACP) Executive Global Studies Program where he has led over 200 Canadian police leaders through global research studies in 50 countries. Norm also serves on the CACP International Policing Committee, was a founding member of the CACP E-Crime Cyber Crime Council, and is also an associate member of the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP).

Norm is widely recognized as a speaker and moderator having led several high-profile national conferences for the CACP and others. In 2017, Norm was named to the Expert Panel of the Council of Canadian Academies to help guide and co-author a 24-month research assessment and report, Toward Peace, Harmony & Well-being: Policing with Indigenous Communities, released in April 2019. He also served as Moderator and Lead Writer for the Ontario Chief Coroner’s 2019 Expert Panel report on Police Officer Deaths by Suicide, Staying Visible Staying Connected For Life.

In February 2016, Norm was named by the CSKA Board of Directors to serve as founding Editor-in-Chief of the peer-reviewed Journal of Community Safety and Well-Being (CSWB). Recently under his leadership, the Journal became the official publication of the international Law Enforcement Public Health (LEPH) movement. Norm is a recipient of the Saskatchewan Premier’s Award for Excellence in Public Administration (Innovation 2014); the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Award (CACP 2012); the Governor General’s Gold Medal for Academic Excellence (Athabasca University 2008); and in 2018 he was awarded an Honorary Queen’s Commission with the Ontario Provincial Police.

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