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Debbie Plotnick

Debbie F. Plotnick, MSS, MLSP is the Vice President for State and Federal Advocacy at Mental Health
America (MHA). Debbie is recognized as a national thought leader contributing expertise on a wide
range of topics in behavioral health to local, state and federal policy makers, works with national
legislator groups as topic expert,serves on task forces, provides background for investigative reporting,
and is regularly interviewed by the media.

In her role at Mental Health America, Debbie provides leadership for grassroots and legislative advocacy across the MHA affiliate network and to national legislator groups. She coordinates the efforts of the Regional Policy Council (RPC), which focuses on state-level initiatives for equal access to behavioral health care, a full continuum of treatment and services, criminal justice diversion, and the value of
prevention and early intervention. Her most recent projects include working with the firearm owning community to promote mental health screening and training in suicide prevention for adolescents and

Debbie holds three degrees from Bryn Mawr College: an AB in political science; dual master’s degrees in Social Service (MSS) and Law and Social Policy (MLSP). Informing her perspective and her passion, are the people she works with and for, her own lived experience with depression, as a family member to those with mental health challenges, and her dedication to mental health systems advocacy.

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