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Deflection and Diversion Group Pre-Conference Event

Date/Time: Wednesday, March 17th at 9 AM ET (US) to 12 PM ET (US)

Attendees: Law enforcement, social workers, advocates, policy makers, and researchers 

Registration: Current members of the Deflection and Diversion SIG will be pre-registered. If you are not a member of the D&D SIG and would like to join us, please email the convenors and we will reach out to you with more information. 


The Deflection and Diversion Special Interest Group consists of a broad array of current and former law enforcement officials, social workers, advocates, public health and criminal justice policy makers, and researchers who look to advance the use of deflection and diversion on an international level.

The purposes of the deflection and diversion special interest group:

  1. To provide an international forum for members to engage in discussion and knowledge exchange on deflection and diversion.
  2. To provide a set of international guidelines for deflection and diversion that national and local contexts can adapt to meet their own needs.
  3. To explore deflection and diversion at a systems level to critically explore the issue of criminalization of vulnerable populations, exploring how public health and safety outcomes can be improved.

During our pre-conference event the SIG will engage in facilitated discussions that will further the goals of the SIG allowing for growth throughout 2021 and beyond. The co-conveners of the SIG will direct this conversation and will draw upon specific attendees and their experiences to help guide these discussions. The facilitated session will focus on the following topics:

  • Deflection and diversion in national contexts across the world
  • Deflection and diversion as mechanisms to reduce inequality
  • Deflection and diversion as a means to reduce the size of justice systems
  • Lessons learned from covid on a global scale in relation to deflection and diversion
For information on the Deflection and Diversion SIG, please contact SIG co-leads

Jac Charlier –

Brendan Cox –

Tracey Price –


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