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Fair and Just Prosecution | How the Biden-Harris Administration Can Advance Criminal Justice Reform

After a year and election cycle that brought unprecedented progress for reform-minded prosecution, fair drug policy, and better policing practices, President-Elect Joe Biden and Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris will enter office with a mandate to transform the justice system. In “How the Biden-Harris Administration Can Advance Criminal Justice Reform: 13 Recommendations for Change and Federal Engagement,” we lay out key ways the new administration can take action to make progress towards the justice system that Americans overwhelmingly demand and that all communities in our nation deserve.

“These recommendations would mark a much-needed and unprecedented step towards [a] justice system that…strengthens communities instead of tearing them down, rehabilitates the people it detains, provides second chances predicated on the recognition that people inevitably change over time, breaks cycles of violence, and prioritizes fairness over vengeance.”


The full release is available here.

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