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Statement from the Board of Directors, Global Law Enforcement & Public Health Association about the tragic murder of George Floyd

The Global Law Enforcement & Public Health Association stands against the driving causes of vulnerability in society, especially racism and gender inequality. These social iniquities reach into policing and public health practice as into all aspects of social life; GLEPHA’s core mission is to bring all the sectors together to increase understanding of racism and inequalities, and eradicate inequitable treatment of the vulnerable in all societies.

GLEPHA recognises that policing is a key institution in a democratic, civil society, deriving its mandate and authority from the public whom it serves and protects; with this mandate, police must act in the best interests of all members of the whole community at all times. While the majority of interactions between the police and the public are resolved professionally, there are chilling examples of systematic and individual abuses, the most recent being the tragic murder of George Floyd in the USA. GLPEHA in the strongest terms condemns racism in society and in policing, and its expression in brutality and abrogation of human and civil rights.

The underlying societal issues affecting vulnerable, underprivileged and marginalised people are deep-rooted and generational. The task to repair these issues is hugely challenging, and it may take generations to repair. Most importantly, it requires decisive action by committed professionals and compassionate leaders at all levels. Law enforcement and public health sectors can both provide leadership to address vulnerability and inequity, and can more effectively do so when they work collaboratively and with the communities they serve. 

GLEPHA supports police practices that treat all people with respect, dignity and empathy, and efforts toward betterment of the whole of society, inclusive of all members, however stigmatised and marginalised, at local and global levels.  Procedural fairness in all dealings with individuals and groups is fundamental, deriving from respect and compassion to all members of society. This is what the public rightfully expect and deserve, in exchange for their mandate to police.    

Board of Directors & Fellows

President: Professor Nick Crofts                    Vice President: Richard Bent

Ian de Terte                             Stan Gilmour                           Patricia Griffin         

Inga Heyman                           Melissa Jardine                       Jennifer Wood           

Auke van Dijk                          Bill Stronach                            Jamie Clover  

Brandon del Pozo


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