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The Program Committee of the 6th International (Virtual) Law Enforcement and Public Health Conference (LEPH2021), to be held March 22-24, 2021, is seeking submissions for presentations at the conference, including abstracts of papers and proposals for a wide variety of presentations.  All submitted abstracts and proposals will undergo peer review, and a final selection will be made by the LEPH2021 Program Committee.  

Across the broadest range of issues that connect public health to public safety and call for partnerships between the law enforcement and public health sectors, the LEPH conferences aim to: 

  • Foster tangible collaborations between stakeholders in law enforcement, public health, local government and community sectors; 
  • Ensure that law enforcement and public health missions are driven by the needs, values and concerns of the people they serve; 
  • Redistribute responsibilities, funding and accountability across relevant systems in furtherance of the safety and wellbeing of the whole community; and 
  • Bring a focus on racial, ethnic, socioeconomic and gender equity to both public health and law enforcement systems and their partnerships.

Submissions will be accepted for a range of types of presentations, including live virtual presentations and semi-live formats (pre-recorded with virtual live Q & A). The Program Committee will consider both content and the creativity of presentations styles and formats in delivering information within an online platform to delegates around the globe. We will be happy to discuss any ideas for innovative formats and styles. 

Whova is the official conference app, and all content produced will be available online to conference delegates through the Whova event app.  

To submit a presentation abstract or proposal, please go to: 

Click here to go to the online submission page.

Please direct any questions to the LEPH2021 Conference Program Director Nick Crofts at


Individual Presentation:
Individuals may submit an abstract for a virtual presentation of a research, policy or commentary paper. Selected individual papers will be grouped with other similarly themed papers into sessions; opportunities will be made available for conference delegates to engage individual presenters through virtual live Q&A.

Panel Presentation/session:
A panel session is made up of 3-5 presenters on one conference-related topic or theme. Panel sessions will be moderated by one or more nominated panelists. All Co-panelists should have been invited and have agreed to participate by the panel proposer before submission of the session proposal. Submissions should include names and contact information of all co-panelists, and titles of their talks. Opportunities will be made available for conference delegates to engage panel presenters through virtual live Q&A.

Online Workshop:
An interactive format between facilitator(s), resource people and trainers, and a limited number of conference delegates for production of a product or output (e.g. guidance, recommendations, policy statement etc) or for delivery of a Masterclass or training package.

Virtual Poster Presentation:
Abstracts for virtual posters will be welcomed, to allow authors to present their research, case study, commentary or other topic as a single PDF poster, where this can be optimally and effectively delivered this way. Conference delegates will be able to engage poster authors through scheduled virtual live Q&A. 

Marketplace of Ideas:
Because 2021 is the first time we are taking the conference online, we encourage you to explore your vision for creative content delivery!  If you have a presentation that will deliver content virtually to our audience that you feel is innovative, we hope you will submit a presentation for the Marketplace of Ideas.  Perhaps you want to share presentations of innovative partnerships, collaborative programs and other initiatives. These ideas can take the form of videos, recorded interviews or presentations with embedded PowerPoint and/or videos, live or recorded presentations from the program itself with interviews of staff and/or clients, site tours, or other types of experiences. Please feel free to contact us if you wish to explore an idea.

August 28th, 2020 Call for abstracts and proposals open
October 16th, 2020 Call for abstracts and proposals closed
November 6th 2020 Selected abstracts and proposals notified by the Program Committee

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