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Dear Moderators/Session Convenors and Speakers 

Here is some information for you which we hope will be helpful to you as you implement your  session: 

Session Zoom Links for Speakers

  1. The conference is being held in the Whova virtual environment. This is akin to the  conference venue. We need attendees and speakers to ‘enter’ this environment through  the Web Platform on their Desktop/laptop and/or via the Whova Mobile App. The  conference homepage provides a link to a page with instructions on how to download the  Mobile App and/or sign in from your desktop browser. Delegates should get themselves  acquainted with the Whova environment as soon as possible to learn about how they can  participate and network with the conference community (e.g. Community Board, Session Q  and A, Virtual Meet-ups). This Whova Web Platform/Mobile App information page is here:  
  2. Once in the Whova environment, delegates will have access to different guides including  the Whova App Attendee Guide as well as the Whova Speaker Guide. Here is the link to the  Speaker Guide:
  3. Whova interfaces with Zoom. In practice this means that Zoom Webinar links are integrated within each session. These links bring speakers and attendees to the virtual “meeting room” (i.e. your Zoom webinar). Zoom webinars are recommended for large groups. They contain a Q and A feature and attendees can also raise their virtual hands, unmute themselves and ask questions. 
  4. The above Speaker Guide contains information on how speakers/panelists can enter their sessions and get ready to present/participate. It also describes the Q and A feature in Whova. We ask that you please watch the video tutorial in the Speaker Guide (just under 7 minutes) and read the corresponding information. 
  5. You will see from this information that speakers can access their session through Whova (via the integrated link) or they can access the session if organizers/moderators give them the Zoom link. Giving speakers the Zoom link would mean that they could bypass Whova and go directly to the native Zoom app to access their session.
  6. In order to minimize any session access issues on the day of the session, we will be providing moderators with a spreadsheet that contains the Zoom links for the various sessions. Sarah DeLucca or Jen Wood will share this list with moderators by Monday, March 15th. Moderators can locate the Zoom link for their particular session and share this with their session participants in advance of the conference. A note to moderators and speakers: please do not share the Zoom link to people outside of your session. We want attendees to participate in the conference in the Whova environment, and moreover, we do not want people to attend the session who have not registered for the conference. 
  7. Sarah DeLucca and Jen Wood are organizing a roster of technical support people/session liaisons who will support each session’s Zoom webinar. This person (in many cases a Temple University representative) will be the provisional “host” for the session and will ensure that speakers and moderators get ‘promoted’ as panelists or alternate hosts. That person will also help keep an eye on Q and A and provide support to the moderator. This person will introduce themselves to everyone once moderators and speakers enter the Zoom space. You may not need this person once you are settled, and if so, they can leave you to your session. These support people have been or are in the process of receiving some training on running Zoom webinars. Temple’s webinar coach is preparing a tip sheet and we will share this with you when it is ready, just for your information. 
  8. We would ask that moderators and speakers arrive to the webinar meeting space 20 minutes prior to the start of the session. This will allow everyone to check their cameras and  microphones and pull up their shared screen if they plan to show a video or PowerPoint  presentation. This will also give time for the support person to promote any parties to the  roles of panelist or alternative host. 
  9. As moderators, please ensure that you have access to everyone’s bios/profiles in order to  introduce them at the start of the session. Please also work with your speakers to agree on  timeframes for speaking and Q and A. 
  10. If you have not done so already, please install the Zoom app on your desktop/laptop ( This will help ensure access to the session in any scenario and  without delay.  
  11. Unfortunately, we do not have the staffing capacity to do any practice or rehearsal sessions  with speakers. Therefore, it is critical that all session participants arrive to their sessions 20  minutes in advance to ensure that everyone is settled.

PDF version available here


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