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Don’t miss this important workshop which includes a scenario-based discussion and Q and A with the panel.

Overview of Workshop:

Tuesday March 23 10:00 -11:50 AM EST

The goal of the workshop is to better understand the significance of various influences in advancing best practices in community and court-based programs designed to reduce law enforcement response to psychiatric crisis. These influences include data and research, high profile cases, media attention, community advocacy and available resources. Hear directly from the researchers, advocates, practitioners and decision makers and decide for yourself what influences have the greatest impact and why.

The workshop will be presented using three different learning modalities. The first is a video in which a mother shares how the mental health and criminal justice community responded to the progression of her daughter’s illness and how the experience influenced her to become a community activist. The second is an interactive discussion in which community leaders and other experts respond to a mock mental health crisis — a format designed to offer a glimpse into how decision makers are influenced. Lastly, the audience will have an opportunity to engage in a question and answer session with key program participants so no one leaves the session with unanswered questions

Live Q & A Panel:

  • Fred Harran, Director of Public Safety; Bensalem Township Police Department in Bucks County
  • Matt Weintraub, District Attorney; Bucks County
  • Martha Stringer, Buck’s County Mental Health Advocate and family member
  • Eric Smith; Bexar County AOT Graduate
  • Elizabeth Sinclair Hancq, Director of Research; Treatment Advocacy Center

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